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Organ Gala Series 25

Title: Organ Gala Series 25
Subtitle: A Selection of Hits, for electronic organ
Arranger: Nagel, Willi
Edition: Sampler
Edition series: Orgel Gala Serie 025
Instrumentation: Org-E
Binding, cover: KT
Number of pages: 22
Format: 31,5 x 23,5 cm
Edition number: SIK1095
ISMN: 9790003011295
Price: € 13,90


Around The World (In achtzig Tagen um die Welt)
Georgia On My Mind
Lover Me Tender
Moonglow (Zu zwei'n im Mondenschein)
Petite Fleur
The Entertainer
Those Were The Days (An jenem Tag)

€ 13,90

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