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Organ Gala Series 19

Title: Organ Gala Series 19
Subtitle: A Selection of Hits, for electronic organ
Arranger: Nagel, Willi
Edition: Sampler
Edition series: Orgel Gala Serie 019
Instrumentation: Org-E
Binding, cover: KT
Number of pages: 23
Format: 31,5 x 23,5 cm
Edition number: SIK1089
ISMN: 9790003011233
Price: € 13,90


Aloha O
In Spain They Say Si Si (Die Carmen sagt "si, si")
Kari Waits For Me
La Cumparsita
Original Charleston
Pionciana (Deine Augen seh' ich vor mir bei Tag und Nacht)
Somebody Loves Me
Succu Succu
You Are My Destiny

€ 13,90

incl. VAT plus delivery