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Chasing the Wind II for guzheng solo

Composer: Jia, Yue
Title: Chasing the Wind II for guzheng solo
Edition series: exempla nova 560
Instrumentation: Zhng
Binding, cover: KT
Number of pages: 13
Format: 29,7 x 21,0 cm
Edition number: SIK8760
ISMN: 9790003040080
Price: € 16,50

Work information

Die Finalrunde des erstmals stattfindenden Wettbewerbes fr Komponisten VOICE OF CHINA fand am 19. (Studentengruppe) und 21. Mrz 2013 (Komponistengruppe) statt. Im feierlichen Preistrger-Abschlusskonzert am Abend des 21. Mrz wurden dann die sechs Sieger aufgefhrt und ausgezeichnet. Diese sechs Gewinnerstcke wurden nun bei den Sikorski Musikverlagen als Druckausgaben verffentlicht. Der Wettbewerb dient dem Zweck, die chinesische Musik zu frdern und wichtigen neuen Komponisten des Landes eine Perspektive zu geben.

Yue Jias Chasing The Wind II fr Guzheng solo gewann in der Kategorie Chinese Instrument bei den Studenten.


Yue Jia (originally named Yao Jia) is a composer who is currently a PHD candidate in composition at the China Conservatory of Music, under the supervision of Professor Gao Weijie. Since 2010 she has been teaching at the Affiliated Junior Division of the Chinese Conservatory of Music.
Her work has been performed at festivals including the ISCM International Modern Music Festival, the Beijing Modern Music Festival and the Fourth Young Composers Forum.

The final round of the competition for composers VOICE OF CHINA was held for the first time on 19 March (student group) and 21 March 2013 (composers group). At the festive Prize Winners Final Concert on the evening of 21 March, the works by the six winners were performed and prizes awarded. These six winning pieces will be issued as printed editions by Sikorski Music Publishers. The competition serves the purpose of furthering Chinese music and creating a future perspective for the countrys important new composers.

Yue Jias Chasing The Wind II for guzheng solo was awarded first prize in the category Chinese Instrument in the students group.

Die weiteren Gewinner und Gewinnerstcke des VOICE OF CHINA Wettbewerbes / The other winners and winning pieces of the VOICE OF CHINA competition:

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€ 16,50

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