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Triptych - This Mirror Has Three Faces

Composer: Auerbach, Lera
Title: Triptych - This Mirror Has Three Faces
Subtitle: Trio No. 2 for Violin, Violoncello and Piano
Edition: Set of Parts
Edition series: exempla nova 620
Instrumentation: V,Vc,Klav
Binding, cover: KT
Number of pages: 49+15+13
Format: 29,7 x 21,0 cm
Edition number: SIK8820
ISMN: 9790003041285
Price: € 48,00

Work information

I like the idea of exploring the dramatic, ritualistic side of music. In The Mirror With Three Faces, one can look at three different faces or roles of the same person or at three distinct personalities - each with its own face. Each character (i.e. instrument) may be isolated, in conflict, or in harmony with others and itself. This trio explores individuality and ensemble, harmony and conflict, one in three or three in one that is the ambiguous nature of this work, structured in the form of a triptych. (Lera Auerbach)

€ 48,00

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