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Soliloque 2: La Tornade für Horn in F

Komponist: Räihälä, Osmo Tapio
Titel: Soliloque 2: La Tornade für Horn in F
Reihe: exempla nova 632
Besetzung: Hn
Einband: KT
Seitenzahl: 7
Format: 29,7 x 21,0 cm
Editionsnummer: SIK8832
ISMN: 9790003041490
Preis: € 11,00


“Many ideas come to us in the middle of the wee hours, and especially after a good dinner and a good drink. The following day is a merciless sieve: only the best ideas survive. Writing ‘Soliloque 2: La tornade’ was one of those ideas that endured the light of the following day, after I had spent a good evening with my friend Jukka Harju, a master of french horn, in April 2012. He realized that needed a new, shortish solo piece for his concert on the Nordic Hornfest in Norway, and after a quick and imprudent thought, I said ‘yes’ when he wanted me to write it.
Knowing that Jukka’s bravura is his fantastic cantabile and more silent sounds, I wanted to introduce the other end of his virtuosity, that is, his ability to shape music constructed of quicker passages. After numerous get-togethers where we tried different views and angles, the piece was duly finished for the premiere in early August 2012. It might be signed by me, but it was definitely made better by Jukka’s umpteen questions and proposals.” (Osmo Tapio Räihälä)

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SIK 8811
Soliloque 1: Étoffé
für Klarinette solo

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