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Abaco, Evaristo Felice dall'
Abendroth, Walter
Adam, Adolphe
  • Giselle
    Ballet in 2 acts
    Arranger: Stirn, Daniel
    Edition no.: SIK8011
    Edition: Piano Score or Piano Reduction including solo part
    Price: € 55,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
Ahbetz, Eden
  • Nature Boy
    For voice and piano
    Lyricists: Ahbetz, Eden
    Instrumentation/voices: Ges,Klav
    Edition no.: SIK6/4151
    Price: € 5,90 incl. VAT plus delivery
Ahbetz, Eden / Olias, Lotar
Aiwasjan, Artemi
Albniz, Isaac
Albinoni, Tomaso
Ali-Zadeh, Franghiz
Ali-Sade, Frangis / Firssowa, Jelena
Altmann, Hans
Amirov, Fikret
Arnecke, Jrn
  • Aether for soprano and chamber ensemble
    On a text by Hannah Dbgen
    Instrumentation/voices: Sg-S-solo,KamEns
    Edition no.: SIK8625
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 34,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Bamberger Hrnchen for horn solo
    Instrumentation/voices: Hn
    Edition no.: SIK8682
    Price: € 12,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Catalogue of works
    Edition no.: SIK4/5647
    Edition: Work List
    Price: € 0,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
    Remark: Kostenfreies Informationsmaterial
  • Fairy-Tale Figures for flute or violin, violoncello and piano
    Instrumentation/voices: Fl(V),Vc,Klav
    Edition no.: SIK8828
    Price: € 29,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Inscriptions
    String Quartet No. 2
    Instrumentation/voices: StrQuar
    Edition no.: SIK8626
    Edition: Score
    Price: € 29,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Kryos
    Music theatre in 11 scenes. Libretto
    Lyricists: Dbgen, Hannah
    Edition no.: SIK3/5616
    Edition: Libretto
    Price: € 3,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Tides
    Fantasy for large orchestra
    Instrumentation/voices: Orch
    Edition no.: SIK8624
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 43,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
1-50 of 97
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