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  • Choral Exercises
    131 A Capella Settings from Renaissance Music to Contemporary Music - revised and enriched new edition
    Editor: Wllner, Franz / Schwickerath, Eberhard / Stephani, Martin
    Instrumentation/voices: Ch-acap
    Edition no.: SIK0250 P
    Edition: Score / Sampler
    Price: € 33,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
Abaco, Evaristo Felice dall'
Abendroth, Walter
Albinoni, Tomaso
Ali-Zadeh, Franghiz
Arnecke, Jrn
  • Aether for soprano and chamber ensemble
    On a text by Hannah Dbgen
    Instrumentation/voices: Sg-S-solo,KamEns
    Edition no.: SIK8625
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 34,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Inscriptions
    String Quartet No. 2
    Instrumentation/voices: StrQuar
    Edition no.: SIK8626
    Edition: Score
    Price: € 29,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Tides
    Fantasy for large orchestra
    Instrumentation/voices: Orch
    Edition no.: SIK8624
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 43,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
Arutyunyan, Alexander
  • Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra
    Editor: Dokschizer, Timofej
    Instrumentation/voices: Trp-solo,Orch
    Edition no.: SIK2341
    Edition: Pocket Score
    Price: € 22,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
Arzoumanov, Valry
  • In Memoriam Varlam Shalamov
    Micro Opera in 7 scenes for baritone and violoncello (with the singer's 'accompaniment' who plays claves, glockenspiel, triangle and guitar)
    Besetzung/Stimme: Sg-Bar-solo,Vc((adlib): Clv,Tri,Git)
    Edition no.: SIK1546
    Edition: Playing Score
    Price: € 23,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
    Remark: Gesangstexte in deutsch
Auerbach, Lera
  • Fragile Solitudes
    Shadowbox for string quartet and orchestra
    Instrumentation/voices: StrQuar,Orch
    Edition no.: SIK8573
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 41,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Icarus for orchestra
    Edition no.: SIK8703
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 25,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • NYx: Fractured Dreams
    Concerto No. 4 for Violin and Orchestra
    Instrumentation/voices: V-solo,Orch
    Edition no.: SIK8873
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 48,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Serenade for a Melancholic Sea for violin, violoncello, piano and string orchestra
    Instrumentation/voices: V,Vc,Klav,Str
    Edition no.: SIK8547
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 25,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Symphony No. 1
    Instrumentation/voices: Orch
    Edition no.: SIK8584
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 48,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • The Infant Minstrel and His Peculiar Menagerie
    Symphony No. 3 for violin, choir and orchestra
    Instrumentation/voices: V-solo,Ch,Orch
    Edition no.: SIK8852
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 63,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Bach, Johann Christian
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann
Balakauskas, Osvaldas
Baumann, Herbert
Beckerath, Alfred von
  • Die Heinzelmnnchen [The Little People]
    Play with music for the young
    Lyricists: Kopisch, August
    Instrumentation/voices: KinCh,2V,2Bfl-S,Vc,Schlgz
    Edition no.: SIK0416 P
    Edition: Score
    Price: € 9,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Berger, Theodor
Bossler, Kurt
Brahms, Johannes
  • Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra
    After the Concerto for Violin, Violoncello and Orchestra
    Arranger: Garben, Cord
    Instrumentation/voices: Vc-solo,Orch
    Edition no.: SIK1725
    Edition: Study Score
    Price: € 51,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
Breuer, Karl Gnther
Carulli, Ferdinando
  • Concerto for Guitar and Strings
    Editor: Behrend, Siegfried
    Instrumentation/voices: Git-solo,Str
    Edition no.: SIK0755 P
    Edition: Score
    Price: € 12,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
Khachaturian, Aram
  • Armenian Studio Miniatures
    Edition no.: SIK6933
    Edition: Pocket Score
    Price: € 23,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Collected Works. Reprint
    Vol. 001: Symphony No. 1
    Edition no.: SIK AC 001
    Edition: Collected Works / Score
    Price: € 185,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Collected Works. Reprint
    Vol. 002: Symphony No. 2 / Symphony No. 3 "Symphony-Poem"
    Edition no.: SIK AC 002
    Edition: Collected Works / Score
    Price: € 172,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Collected Works. Reprint
    Vol. 003: Works for Symphony Orchestra
    Edition no.: SIK AC 003
    Edition: Collected Works / Score
    Price: € 279,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
1-50 of 678
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