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Dutch Premiere of Marko Nikodijevic's „gesualdo dub / raum mit gelöschter figur“ in Utrecht

The Asko|Schönberg Ensemble will be opening the “Gaudeamus Muziekweek” (2 to 9 September 2012) on 3 September 2012 in Utrecht. Together with the pianist Pauline Post, the Ensemble will perform the Dutch premiere of Marko Nikodijevic’s “gesualdo dub / raum mit gelöschter figur” under the direction of Gregory Charette on this concert evening, among other works. Nikodijevic was the winner of the Gaudeamus Award in 2010.

This ensemble piece by the Serbian composer received its world premiere in April 2012 at the Witten Days for New Chamber Music. There, too, the performers were Pauline Post and the Asko|Schönberg Ensemble under Reinbert de Leeuw.

Nikodijevic comments on his work as follows:

“Nowadays, dub is a method of producing electronic music spanning all styles. It makes its effect with wide echo chambers, echo delays, panorama shifts and differentiated modulation effects. By changing the reverberation, sounds wander from the present foreground into acoustic depth. From the combination of reverb and delay there results a typical dub effect, in which the echo delays – for example individual beats of chords – gradually disappear in the space. Through different delay times, there result additional polyrhythmic levels.

Objets trouvés from Carlo Gesualdo's famous Madrigal Moro lasso have been subjected to such electro-acoustical procedures. The result was then transcribed into a synthèse sonore instrumentale for instruments. This sounds more modern that it actually is. It is essentially a procedure that was already known in Gesualdo’s time: anamorphosis – the caricature of an object the original of which can only be recognised in a circular mirror.

It was precisely this procedure that also interested me with this Gesualdo piece. I obtain acoustic spatialities which seemingly have nothing more to do with those of Gesualdo. They are spaces with a deleted figure. But deleted does not mean obliterated. As with every deletion process in the computer, a trace remains that allows one to reconstruct the original. This is comparable with a psychedelic state beyond rationality.

Sounds stand still or begin to float and shimmer, dissolving the original coordinates. Spatial disorientation is part and parcel of this anamorphosis: expansion, distortion, compression, reflection, repeated up to the point of infinite interweaving: fractalised.

This is a piece about the loneliness of the piano, about its resonance sound doomed to fall silent that continues to float in the ensemble as if refracted through a prism. The melancholy of the Gesualdo original seizes everything around it; I can no longer escape it. And yet, I am free.”

3 September 2012
Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Geertekerk, 8 PM
Dutch premiere: Marko Nikodijevic
”gesualdo dub / raum mit gelöschter figur“ for piano and ensemble
Pauline Post (piano)
Asko|Schönberg Ensemble
Gregory Charette (direction)


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