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“Der Kleine Tag” is Gold-Plated - An Honour for Wolfram Eicke, the “Father” of the Musical Radio Play

With over 150,000 copies sold, the CD of the musical radio play "Der kleine Tag" ("The Little Day") by Wolfram Eicke, Hans Niehaus and Rolf Zuckowski is now gold-plated. On 16 August 2012, a symbolic "precious metal" awards ceremony will be held at the Hotel Radisson Blu Senator in Lübeck. The "father" of the "Little Day," Wolfram Eicke, will be honoured, representing all the participants. The others who have participated in the "Little Day" are dispensing with their trophies...

Instead, Rolf Zuckowski will present to Hans Niehaus, the principal composer of the musical, a cheque for a social-cultural project in the Palestinian regions. Hans Niehaus is presently working as an international teacher in Bethlehem and will pass on the cheque directly on location. The donation is being made by the label "Musik für Dich" (Music for You, Universal Music GmbH).
Millions of children and adults know the story of the "Little Day" produced by Rolf Zuckowski in 1999. They know that it is the 23rd of April on which the "Little Day" comes to earth from the kingdom of light and experiences an apparently completely average day there. His enthusiasm for what he has experienced is enormous, but when he arrives back in the kingdom of light, he finds out from the other days that "his day" will never count among the great days on which important events happen. He withdraws, disappointed and sad. It is only a year later, when it is again the 23rd of April that everyone finds out that the "Little Day" has become a holiday. It was the only notable day in human history on which peace ruled everywhere on earth.

The story of its success is never-ending. This year, there are once again many new musical project groups that are making a musical out of the radio play by using the performance materials from our publishing house. The grandfather of the "Little Day," Wolfram Eicke, beams: "I always felt that something great was slumbering in this little fellow."


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