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World Premiere of Piano Work “Janus” by Moritz Eggert in Passau

The European Festival in Passau is being held for the 60th time in 2012 (29 June–29 July). The Festival was founded in 1952 by American officers in cooperation with the city of Passau. During this jubilee year, Moritz Eggert's new work “Janus” for two pianos will be given its world premiere on 21 July 2012. Only compositions for two pianos will be performed at this concert.

Moritz Eggert on “Janus”:

“With some pieces, the idea of a particular way of playing is there first: we have become accustomed to the fact that, with two pianos, the pianists sit across from each other, sometimes next to each other, each at his/her own piano. But what would it be like if the pianists both sat between the pianos, back to back, their hands on both keyboards simultaneously, the backs of their heads together like an embodiment of the ancient Roman god Janus, honoured to the present day in the naming of the month of January? This requires a change in compositional thinking - suddenly, complex rhythmical entanglements in the same range are possible, played by one pianist; the hands themselves cannot move back and forth very much because they are positioned the wrong way (which is perhaps confusing at first). The left hand plays in the high register, the right hand in the lower register. Of course such a piece would have to have reflection as a theme; symmetry and a strict construction would dominate this piece (or perhaps not). There would be cross connections, entanglements, involvements, interweavings. I would like to write such a piece. And after I've finished writing this text, I'll start on it right away.”

21 July 2012
European Festival, Piano Mora, 11 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
“Janus“ for two pianos
Siegfried Mauser / Moritz Eggert (both piano)


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