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Franghiz Ali-Zadeh`s “Landscape [Rising]“ - World Premiere in France

The Azerbaijani composer Franghiz Ali-Zadeh has composed a new piano solo work for the “8. International Adilia Alieva Piano Competition” in Gaillard, France. The new work “Landscape (Rising),” a compulsory piece for the competition participants, will be premiered during the course of the piano competition from 1. to 4. June 2012.

“Landscape (Rising)“ is dedicated to Adilia Alieva, the jury president of the competition.

In addition, Franghiz Ali-Zadeh will be composer in residence at the Asiago Festival in Italy in the summer of 2012. Among other works, the world premiere of her new work for two violoncelli and percussion will be given there with the cellist Julius Berger in August 2012.

1. – 4. June 2012
8. International Adilia Alieva Piano Competition
World premiere: Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
”Landscape (Rising)“ for piano solo


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