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Specialist Article on Mieczyslaw Weinberg's String Quartets No. 14, Op. 122 and No. 15, Op. 124

Manuel Rösler has published a two-page, highly informative specialist article in the specialist journal ENSEMBLE 3/12 on the String Quartets No. 14, Op. 122 and No. 15, Op. 124 by Mieczyslaw Weinberg, both of which have been issued by our publishing house as printed editions (SIK 2414 and SIK 2415). Alongside a detailed introduction of the composer and the current "rediscovery" of his music, there is an in-depth presentation of these two significant quartet compositions. Among other things, Rösler writes:

„ (...) Unlike his often monumental symphonies and the large operas (especially "The Passenger" recently performed in Bregenz), the string quartets are very intimate and personal works. The horrors of the war and satanic madness of the Shoah are not depicted, but find their echo in an almost gestural music that sets strength against inner turmoil – and this with a pan-religious fervour that reminds us less of Shostakovich (with whom he is frequently compared) than it does, far more, of Beethoven.
"The two String Quartets No. 14 and No. 15 were composed in 1978 and 1982 respectively and could not be more different. The almost half-hour-long Opus 124 is surprising, first of all, for its formal design: nine short movements arrange this Quartet into a succession of aphoristic thoughts and images that appear to follow a secret programme. The four-part texture often gives way to duos or trios, which conjures up memories of Polish folk music as well as the feeling of abandonment. (...)
"String Quartet No. 14, composed four years previously, is completely different. One would like to designate it as 'apotheosis of the dance' because of its tricky rhythmic structures (modelled after the Beethoven reception of the 19th century). (...) "


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