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Alexander Knaifel's “In Air Clear and Unseen” Receives Swiss Premiere

The renowned “nathan quartett” and the pianist Helge Antoni will perform the Swiss premiere of Alexander Knaifel`s “In Air Clean and Unseen” for piano and string quartet on 1 June 2012 at the Stadt-Casino in Basle.

Knaifel, born in 1943 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and today living in St. Petersburg, composed this chamber work in 1994. It is already available as a reference recording, issued by ECM, of the Keller Quartet with the St. Petersburg pianist Oleg Malov. The cycle is based on texts by Feodor Tjutchev and consists of the opening movement “In Some Exhausted Reverie” followed by “An Autumn Evening” and the final movement “In Air Clear and Unseen.”

The “nathan quartett” will also perform the German premiere of the work in Hamburg on 15 June 2012.

1 June 2012
Stadt-Casino, Hans Huber Saal, 7:30 PM
Swiss premiere: Alexander Knaifel
“In air clean and unseen“. Stanzas with Tjutchev for piano and string quartet
Helge Antoni (piano)
nathan quartett


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