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exempla nova

This edition series for New Music has been a major point of emphasis of Sikorski Music Publishers since 1971. At first, primarily young composers of northern Germany such as Peter Ruzicka, Jens-Peter Ostendorf and Ulrich Leyendecker were documented in the series “exempla nova,” but soon the Russian modernists also found an editorial homeland, above all Edison Denissov, Sofia Gubaidulina and Alfred Schnittke.

With its clear, objective design, the series maintains its strong profile and timelessness up to the present day. For many years the black/white editions have enjoyed great popularity with interpreters and the composers as well. In the over 400 editions which has been issued so far, the works of the contemporary composers published by Sikorski have been documented in a variety of forms: as manuscript facsimiles, in Notaset and in modern computer print, as pocket scores and study scores, in practical standard sizes and, if necessary, in oversize formats. Due to the creative variety of the composers, unusual graphic notational solutions have sometimes been necessary, confronting the readers/editors with special challenges.