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Münchener Biennale: World Premieres of Guoping Jia and Xiaoyong Chen

Hans Werner Henze succeeded in establishing a unique festival unlike any other in the world when he founded the Münchener Biennale in 1988 in collaboration with the state capital of Bavaria.

Two works by Chinese composers from the Sikorski catalogue will be premiered on 18 May 2012. The Munich Philharmonic conducted by Long Yu (Shanghai Symphony Orchestra) will present "Kaleidoscope of the Times" by Xiaoyong Chen and Guoping Jia's "Kalaviuka."

Peter Ruzicka has been the director of the die Munich Biennale since 1996. The combination of world premieres of new operas, usually the first works of this kind by young composers, and concerts, symposia and discussions with composers are what makes this festival so unique.

Guoping Jia has supplied the following comments on "Kalaviuka":

"'Kalaviuka' is an incarnated figure of the Buddha, the head of which looks human and the lower half like a bird with wings. In my work I would like to express the unity of man and nature, a conception deeply rooted in traditional Chinese art and culture, with a modern awareness.

The musical material derives from traditional Chinese instrumental works which have birds as their subjects. In particular, these are passages (neither sung nor melodic) that imitate birdsong or depict the forms of birds by means of various instruments. These musical sections mostly consist of a combination of specially selected musical instruments with special techniques of sound production. My aim in composing this piece was to find out how these sounds could be transferred into an orchestra in order to develop a new musical vocabulary and new means of expression."

18 May 2012
Biennale, Gasteig, 8 PM
World premieres:
Xiaoyong Chen, “Kaleidoskop der Zeiten“ for orchestra
Guoping Jia, “Kalaviuka“ for orchestra
Münchner Philharmoniker
Long Yu (direction)


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