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Mieczyslaw Weinberg: Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra given German Premiere in Heidelberg

In Heidelberg (St. Raphael Church) the german premiere of Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra will be given on 17 March 2012 by the soloist Nikolaus Friedrich (clarinet) and the Neuenheimer chamber orchestra.

Weinberg’s Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra, Op. 104 was composed between 31 May and 30 June 1970. Weinberg’s affinity for the clarinet was already revealed in his Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (Op. 28) of 1945 und in the 4th Chamber Symphony (Op. 153) of 1992 composed shortly before his death. The formal structure of the Concerto is traditional, with the movement sequence “fast – slow – fast.” The opening Allegro is economically structured, with the clarinet gradually blossoming into oscillating figurations against a pizzicato accompaniment. The slow 2nd movement expands independently into a rhapsodic section full of feeling. The ensuing dance of the Finale, both sad and cheeky, is extremely characteristic and is determined by a contrasting theme, a mixture of a march-like character and a reminiscence of the first movement, before the aggressive transformation begins.

17 March 2012
St. Raphael Church
German premiere: Mieczyslaw Weinberg
Concerto for clarinet and string orchestra
Nikolaus Friedrich (clarinet)
Neuenheimer chamber orchestra
Matthias Metzger (direction)


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