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Schachtner Portrait Concert in Gauting: World Premiere of the “Etude” for Trumpet

The composer Johannes X. Schachtner, who comes from a musical family, invites listeners to the premiere of his "Etude" for Trumpet, composed in 2004, at the Theaterforum in Gauting on 13 January 2012.

Schachtner himself began his musical training with the trumpet and the piano. During the course of the “Carte Blanche Portrait Concert,” alongside the “Etude,” the following works will also be performed: Schachtner's “Miniatures after Georg Trakl” for violin and piano and his Ballade for baritone and chamber ensemble based on texts by Johanna Schwede's “Aufstieg” as well as works by friends of Schachtner and his two teachers Hans-Jürgen von Bose and Rudi Spring.

The composer comments on his “Etude” as follows:

“My Etude for trumpet was composed in March 2004 - while I was still at school. On the one hand, it was created immediately after occupying myself with the poetry of Ernst Jandl and, on the other hand, the trumpet was my main instrument at this time. The material of the Etude is the transposition of the spoken fragments of the poem 'Schtzngrmm' onto the trumpet, from which a more or less war triptych arises from the extreme trumpet sounds heard in the poem: Fanfare - Monologue/Recitation - Chorale.”

13 January 2012
Theaterforum, bosco, Großer Saal, 8 PM (introductory speech, 7 PM)
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Etude“ for trumpet about the poem “Schtzngrmm“ by Ernst Jandl

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