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World Premiere of Jörn Arnecke's “Heimat“ in Hamburg

At a concert under the motto "An Evening for Friedrich Hölderlin," the NDR Choir together with the pianists Bernhard Fograscher and Christof Hahn will present the world premiere of the new work "Heimat" by Jörn Arnecke on 21 January 2012 at the Rolf Liebermann Studio in Hamburg. It will be directed by the British conductor James Wood.

Arnecke on "Heimat:"

"The commission from the NDR Choir helped me to occupy myself intensively with Friedrich Hölderlin. I familiarised myself with his poems and biography, looking for points of reference that could be of interest to me. Precisely because so many composers have let themselves be stimulated by Hölderlin, there exists a certain danger of running into a cliché and continuing to use it. Hölderlin himself played music, after all (the flute – and he also had a piano at his disposal during the years in the Hölderlin Tower in Tübingen), and I asked myself: what music did he most likely play? So I grew into the temporality of Hölderlin, before the backdrop of which his poetry has such an astounding and visionary effect: Hölderlin was born during the same year as Beethoven! I shall be alluding to this – in the literal sense. In addition to the choir, two pianists will also participate in my piece. The text is Hölderlin's hymnal sketch 'Heimat,' which came to exercise a strong attraction on me precisely because of its rugged design, as well as its entanglement with the story of Hölderlin's life."

21 January 2012
Rolf-Liebermann-Studio, 8 PM (pre-performance, 7 PM)
World premiere: Jörn Arnecke,
”Heimat“ for choir and two pianos
Bernhard Fograscher, Christof Hahn (both piano)
Choir of the NDR
James Wood (conductor)


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