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World Premiere: “Stundande natten II“ by Johannes X. Schachtner in Munich

The world premiere of Johannes X. Schachtner's "Stundande natten II" will be presented in the Gasteig in Munich, performed by the Munich Flute Ensemble, at the concert on 11 December 2011 forming part of the "Festival Concerts: 20 Years of the Munich Flute Ensemble."

This short work was composed as a gift for this 20th anniversary concert of the Munich Flute Ensemble. It is a free adaptation of the first version of "Stundande natten" written in 2010.

Johannes X. Schachtner comments on his new work as follows:

"My work 'Stundande natten' refers to the novel of the same name by the Swedish author Carl-Henning Wijkmark with whom I was able to spend a year together as a scholarship holder at the Villa Concordia. The first version for two oboes and English horn was composed in March 2010 - shortly after reading the novel which describes the process of dying from the first-person viewpoint. The impulse for this 'Elegy' that I revised in 2011 into 'Stundande natten II' for eight flutes was provided by a section of the text from the last part of the book: 'I close my eyes, think about nothing, have no pain.'"

A performance of Schachtner's "Réjouissance - en passant" for brass quartet will also take place on 11 December at the New Museum in Nürnberg during the course of the series "Musik im Neuen Museum" (Music at the New Museum). This is the third movement of "Trois mouvements," the world premiere of which took place in Bamberg on 28 May this year, performed by the KlangKonzepteEnsemble of the Neue Pegnitzschäfer. The KlangKonzepteEnsemble will also present this follow-up performance.

11 December 2011
Gasteig München, Black Box, 11:30 AM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Stundande natten II.“ Elegy for flute ensemble
Münchner Flötenensemble

11 December 2011
Neues Museum, 11:15 AM
Johannes X. Schachtner
“Réjouissance - en passant“ – 3rd movement from “Trois mouvements“
KlangKonzepteEnsemble der Neuen Pegnitzschäfer e.V.
Wilfried Krüger (direction)


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