Lin Yang‘s “To the North“ Receives World Premiere in Freiburg

The world premiere of the chamber work “To the North“ for bass clarinet, a new piece by Lin Yang, who was born in Beijing in 1982, will be given on 29 November 2011 at the Morat-Institut in Freiburg.

The composer, who now lives in Cologne, attended the Central Conservatory in Beijing from 1995 to 2001 in order to study piano and composition. The recipient of two scholarships, she studied composition and the analysis of new music there with Prof. Guoping Jia from 2001 until 2006. She passed the Bachelor examinations there in July 2006 and studied with Cornelius Schwehr in Freiburg from 2007 onwards. In May 2009 the composer received a furtherance prize from the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

Lin Yang comments on her work as follows:
“‘To the North’ is closely connected with my journey from Germany to Sweden. From the Black Forest to the sea, the appearance and essence of the tones and the direction of the tendency of the register behave exactly like the ascents and descents of an earth relief gradually becoming even deeper. Pitch, timbre, tone durations, rhythmic language, sound technology, sound material, sound effects approach each other or slight differences alternate between two poles. Far and near, bright and dark, the boundary between clarity and lack of clarity is dissolved. The rest is the inaudible continuity of the sounds. A rough sound produced by rubbing aluminium foil and the bore of the clarinet enters into silence through slow oscillation. Light and shadow converge forward, to the north.“

The concert will take place during the course of a joint project of Ensemble Recherche and Freiburg Music Academy.

29 November 2011
Morat-Institut, 7:15 PM
World premiere: Lin Yang
“To the North“ for bass clarinet
Shizuyo Oka (bass clarinet)


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