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UNTER EIS. Musiktheater in 13 Szenen auf ein
Libretto von Falk Richter

Composer: Arnecke, Jörn
Lyricists: Richter, Falk
Playing time: 120:00
Opus/Year: (2007)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 0,0,0,0 - 4,0,0,0 - 4 Schl (I: Flex, Tempelbl, Tom [tief], kl.Tr, Vibr - II: Crot [cis4], Agogo, Tempelbl, Brummtopf, Tom [sehr tief], RöhrenGl [g1] - III: Trgl, Vogelruf, Schellen, Maracas, Tempelbl, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk - IV: LotusFl, Holzbl, Ratsche, Tempelbl [tief], gr.Tr), Streicher (6/5/4/3/2 Fünfsaiter)
Premiere performance: 28.09.2007 / Bochum / D / Jahrhunderthalle / Markus Brück, André Szymanski, Thomas Wodianka, / Ensemble Resonanz / Debus, Johannes


Paul Nobody and his colleagues are advisors. They speak the specific language of advisors – they fire people, promise solutions for every problem and guarantee that things will go smoothly. The system of the consulting firms, which outwardly strives for the greatest economical efficiency, wants to optimise all areas of life; however, the advisors are themselves at the mercy of these high demands. Paul Nobody is a man who begins to lose his energy. His impending downfall leads him into a nightmare-like confrontation with his younger colleagues and with the meaninglessness of his previous existence.

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