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Composer: Müller-Wieland, Jan
Lyricists: Marcard, Micaela von
Opus/Year: (2004)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: KEns. (15 Spieler), Tbd


At the centre of this stage event, arranged into 38 mini-scenes not based on any continuous plot, is the relationship between two people who are, like all the other figures, merely designated as nameless types: the woman and the man. In somnambulistic isolation at night, the woman is less dedicated to fishing than to searching for contacts with the animals fed by her, whose speechlessness can be understood as a symbol of disturbed human communication. The man observes this attempt to make contact with the increasing jealously of the excluded. The appearance of a young girl, possibly the woman’s daughter, and the other figures increase the instability of the relationships. The helpless speechlessness of all those involved, whose communication amongst each other is for the most part reduced to repeated key words and sentence or word fragments, ultimately leads to the outbreak of the violence lurking beneath the surface.

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