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ALADIN. Fairy tale opera in three acts

Composer: Atterberg, Kurt
Lyricists: Hardt-Warden, Bruno
Playing time: 120:00
Opus/Year: 43 (1941)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 2(Picc),2(Englhorn),2(Es-Klar, BKlar),2 4,3,3,3 Pk, 3 Schl, Harfe, Cel, Klav, Streicher (6/4/3/3/2) Banda (0,2,2,0 0,3,0,0) Chor: SATB Partien: 1=Nazzredin 2=Laila 3=Muluk 4=Balab 5=Derim 6=Aladin 7=Blinde Bettler (Dschababirah) 8=erster Muslim 9=zweiter Muslim 10=Ausrufer 11=Haschischverkufer 12=Teppichhndler 13=Juwelier 14=Lufer 15=Lufer(sic)
First perfomance(s): 11.03.2017 / Braunschweig / D / Staatstheater / Michael Ha (Aladin) / Orchester des Staatstheaters Braunschweig / Chor des Staatstheaters Br. / Jonas Alber (Leitung) / Andrej Woron (Regie)


The poor Aladdin dreams of love longingly, his thoughts centre round the beautiful Princess Laila, whom no one besides her maids has yet seen unveiled. Without thinking much about it, Aladdin gives his last coin to a blind beggar. The powerful Grand Vezier Muluk is also obsessed by Lailas legendary beauty moreover, he makes treacherous plans to dethrone Lailas father and himself become Sultan of Samarkand.
The sound of trumpets and the calls of the criers announce the retinue of the Princess, who is on her way to the Hamam. Everyone must leave the street, for whoever glimpses the Princess unveiled must die. The blind man asks to be allowed to stay, but the Grand Vezier drives him away with merciless blows. In sympathy, Aladdin comes to the beggars defence. Before the Hamam Aladdin comes out of his hiding-place and throws himself before the Princesss feet. He is prepared to pay for a glimpse of her otherworldly beauty with his life. However, when Laila and Aladdin see each other, they are seized with a deep love for each other. At this moment, the palace guards appear to take Aladdin away. Then the blind beggar turns to the Grand Vezier with a mysterious prophecy and the promise to make Muluk infinitely rich and powerful: if he lets Aladdin go, the young boy will lead him into an underground treasure-cave where a magic lamp is burning which will fulfil all wishes of its owner. Without thinking this over very long, Muluk has the captives freed. Fired by the prospect of seeing the beautiful Laila once again, Aladdin, followed by the Grand Vezier, enters a secret entrance into the mysterious cave, illuminated by the flickering flame of the magic lamp

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