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Opera in four acts

Composer: Shostakovich, Dmitri
Lyricists: Kchel, Jrgen
Schoenbohm, Siegfried
Playing time: 150:00
Opus/Year: 29 (1932)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 3 S, A, 9 T, 2 Bar, 9 B - gem. Chor 3(Picc),3(EnglHorn),4(Es-Klar,BKlar),3(KFag) 4,3,3,1 5 Schl (Pk, Trgl, Flex, Peitsche, Holzbl, Tamb, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Tam-t, Glsp, Xyl), 2 Harfen, Cel, Org (ad lib.), Streicher Banda: 5 Kornette, 2 Trpt, 6 Hrner, 2 Baritone, 2 Tuben


The young Katerina Izmailova leads a sad life full of boredom at the side of her husband, the merchant Sinovi. When her husband has to travel for an extended period of time, Sergei, just hired as an assistant, succeeds in making Katerina his lover. This does not remain undetected by her father-in-law, who is also after her. He whips Sergei in front of all the employees, thus exposing Katerina. Full of hate, she then poisons her father-in-law. Her husband, who has heard about her infidelity and returns home sooner than planned for this reason, confronts her with the situation and wants to beat her. Sergei comes to help her. Together they beat Sinovi to death and hide the corpse in the cellar. On the day of the wedding, a drunken worker accidentally discovers the corpse and notifies the police. Katerina and Sergei are arrested and sentenced to forced labour. Sergei, who has meanwhile lost all interest in Katerina, looks after the young forced labourer Sonetka. Katerina, however, is mocked and sneered at by her fellow prisoners. In desperation, she grabs Sonetka and drags her with her into the river; both women drown in the ice-cold water.


Ach, ich kann nicht 18:00
Au! Au! Hrt doch die Nachtigall 10:00
Noch ein Tag 12:00
Ich spr das Alter 26:00
Sergej, Serjoscha, du schlfst 18:00
Was stehst du 6:00
Ordnung schafft 8:00
Lang sollt ihr leben 10:00
Wer hat die Meilen 30:00

In printed editions:

Schostakowitsch, Dmitri
  • Lady MacBeth of the Mtsensk District
    Opera in 4 Act (9 tableaux). Original 1932 version
    Instrumentation/voices: Orch
    Edition no.: SIK2313
    Edition: Piano Score or Piano Reduction including solo part
    Price: € 89,00 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Lady MacBeth of the Mtsensk District
    Opera in 4 Act (9 tableaux). Original 1932 version. Libretto
    Instrumentation/voices: Orch
    Edition no.: SIK2320
    Edition: Libretto
    Price: € 5,90 incl. VAT plus delivery