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BOCCACCIO. Komische Oper in einem Vorspiel und
2 Akten

Composer: Suppé, Franz von
Arranger: Werther, Franz
Lyricists: Quedenfeldt, Gustav
Opus/Year: (1935)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 2,2,2,1 - 2,2,2,0 - Schl (Pk, Trgl, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Gl, Glsp, Xyl), Streicher


Boccaccio’s stories are holding all of Florence in suspense. While students admire the wit and refinement of his prose, and women and girls enjoy the spicy love scenes, the men want to send the young author to the devil, for they are the butt of most of Boccaccio’s satirical erotic stories. They burn a whole wagon-load of the latest works of Boccaccio and bring about an arrest warrant against the author. When Boccaccio is supposed to be arrested, there ensues a fight from which he only barely manages to escape thanks to his friend Pietro.
While Boccaccio, disguised as a blind beggar, succeeds in courting the sweet Fiametta in front of the church, Pietro tries his luck with the temperamental Isabella. The hunt for Boccaccio meanwhile continues, but instead of him the bloodhounds beat up the unfortunate marshal on his way to Lambertuccio, whose ward Fiametta is to be brought to the court of the Duke immediately. Fiametta, in reality, is none other than the Duke’s illegitimate daughter and the bride of Prince Pietro. The latter is not happy over this turn of events, for he has completely lost his heart to Isabella, who is supposed to accompany her girlfriend Fiametta as servant.
The shrewd Boccaccio also knows what to do in this complicated situation and spins an intrigue in which Fiametta and Isabella exchange roles. In this way, Prince Pietro can march to the altar with his Isabella, disguised as a princess, and Fiametta will be free for Boccaccio. The clever prank is discovered at the last minute, but the insightful Duke not only permits the marriage of Pietro and Isabella and of Fiametta and Boccaccio, but also protects the author from the Florentine husbands, finally also creating a teaching post for him specialising in the poetry of his city.


Introduktion (Neu'ste Novellen) (1)
Ständchen (Bocc.) (Dein Mund ist reif zum Küssen (2)
Duellszene mit Chor (Ha, er ist's), Bocc./Offizier (3)
Kirchgang und Duett: Fiametta/Peronella (4)
(Die Glocken läuten hell)
Gang aus der Kirche (4a)
Bettlerduett: Boccaccio/Fiametta (Ein armer Blinder ... (5)
Fassbinderlied: Lotteringhi (Tagtäglich zankt mein Kind ... (6)
Musikalischer Abgang (Tralalala) (7)
Finale I (Benützen wir den Augenblick) (8)
Introduktion (Beim Liebchen) (9)
Duett: Boccaccio/Fiametta (Ein Stern zu sein) (10)
Verschwörungsensemble (Ehrsame Bürger der Stadt) (11)
Walzerlied: Fiametta (Wonnevolle Kunde / Mit der Sonne (12)
Couplet: Isabella (Wie Gott will) (Um des Herzogs Zorn (13)
Ständchen: Lotteringhi/Lamberuccio (Holde Schöne) (14)
Lied: Boccaccio (Hab ich nur Deine Liebe) (15)
(Die Kerzen sind entzündet)
Finale II (O haltet, o haltet ein) (16)