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ORPHEUS IN DER UNTERWELT. Opéra-Féerie in 4 Akten
von Héctor Crémieux und Ludovic Helévy

Composer: Offenbach, Jacques
Arranger: Reinshagen, Victor
Lyricists: Fleckenstein, Günther
Hess, Joachim
Playing time: 101:00
Opus/Year: (nach der 2. Fassung von 1874)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 - 2,2,3,0 - Pk, Schl, Streicher Bühnenmusik: Picc, Klar, 3 Sax, 2 Trpt, Pos, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, 5 Vl


Orpheus and Eurydice are tired of each other and want to separate, for Eurydice loves Pluto (Aristeus) and Orpheus loves his pupil Marquilla. But Public Opinion forbids the separation. Pluto now sees to it that Eurydice is bitten by a poisonous snake. He abducts her into the underworld when she dies. Orpheus, who is most content with this turn of events, is urged by Public Opinion to demand his wife back from Jupiter. News of the abduction of Eurydice has now made the rounds all the way up to Olympus and is now occupying the gods. Mercury reports that Pluto is the abductor and is now approaching Olympus. Orpheus also appears, accompanied by Public Opinion, and demands the return of his wife. It is decided that all the gods descend into the underworld so as to return Eurydice to Orpheus. Pluto wants to arrange a great celebration for the guests. Jupiter promptly falls in love with Eurydice and wants, for his part, to abduct her to Olympus. This plan is foiled by the jealous Pluto, however. There is nothing more to prevent the couple from returning to earth. Jupiter makes it a condition, however, that Orpheus not be allowed to turn back and look at Eurydice on their way out of the underworld. Jupiter slyly hurls a thunderbolt towards Orpheus, who is so startled that he turns around despite the warning, thereby losing Eurydice. Since Jupiter does not want to surrender the beautiful Eurydice to his rival Pluto, he makes her a bacchante.


Ouvertüre (1) 5:00
Vorsp. z. 1.Akt u.Duett"Die Frau die nichts will"2 3:00
Szene und Duett "Du bist gemein-Ja das mag sein" 3 5:00
Intermezzo: "Ja, so ist's nun mal" (4) 2:00
Auftrittslied des Artisteus "Seht, Aritisjus..." 5 5:00
Arie der Eurydike "Der Tod hält..." (6) 2:00
Szene Orpheus "Gott, die öffentl. Meinung" (7) 3:00
Kleiner Marsch u.Finale I "Voran es ist..." (8) 5:00
Vorapiel z. 2 Akt "Verwünschter Schlaf" (9) 4:00
Auftritt der Götter "Die Venus bin ich" (10) 5:00
Szene Jupiter/Diana/Venus u. Lied Diana (11) 5:00
Auftritt des Merkur "Hopp, hopp..." (12) 4:00
Szene und Arie d.Pluto "Erhab'ner, göttlicher"(13) 3:00
Zum Kampfe großes Götterheer (14) 4:00
Szene der Götter "Um bei Alkmene" (15) 6:00
Finale II "Ja ernaht sich" und "Ehre, Ehre..."(16) 10:00
Zwischenspiel (17) 2:00
Arie der Eurydike "Ach, seit nicht erstaunt" (18) 2:00
Lied des Styk "Als ich nich König" (19) 3:00
Chor der Polizistinnen "Nas' im Wind" (20) 1:00
Szene "Mir ist so" u. Duett Euryd./Jupiter (21) 4:00
Zwischenmusik und Chor "Als ich noch König" (22) 2:00
4. Akt; Szene der Götter "Es lebe Pluto" 5:00
Szene Jupiter/Diana "Weil ich mächtig bin" mit (23)
Chor und Can-can "Can-can soll das Fest..." (24) 6:00
Überleitung (25) 1:00
Finale "nicht darfst du dich" mit Schlußchor "Evoé
Komm, Bacchus, küß mich" u. Can-can (26) 4:00

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