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Hide in Mist, Granada ...
Laura's Romance from the Opera "The Stone Guest" (

Composer: Dargomyschski, Alexander
Arranger: Csar Cui (Ergnzung), Nikolai Rimski-Korssakow (Instrumentierung)
Lyricists: Puschkin, Alexander
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 2,2(A-Klar)2,2 4,2,3,0 Pk, Bk, Harfe, Streicher - S, MS, 2 T, Bar, 4 B, gem. Chor
First perfomance(s): 28.02.1872 / St. Petersburg / D / Mariinski-Thater


Don Giovanni returns secretly to Madrid from banishment. While he spies on Donna Anna, the widow of the Commander whom he has murdered, his servant Leporello reasons over the gloomy outlook. Heavily veiled, Donna Anna appears and Don Giovanni decides to seduce her.
The actress Laura throws a party. Although she has a relationship with Don Carlos, she longs for her former lover, Don Giovanni. When the latter appears, Don Carlos provokes a duel, at which he is killed by his rival. Giovanni and Laura celebrate their reunion passionately. Disguised, Don Giovanni waits for Donna Anna by the statue of the Commander. When she comes, to pray at the grave of her husband, Don Giovanni addresses her and the seducer assumes her acceptance to indicate interest in a rendezvous. Arrogantly, he invites the statue to also keep vigil by his wifes room. At the rendezvous in the room of the widow, Don Giovanni uses all the tricks of his seducers art and he succeeds in weakening Donna Annas virtue. However, the first kiss she grants him is also her last one: suddenly the statue of the Commander appears and kills them both.

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