BUTTERFLY BLUES. Musiktheater in acht Szenen nach
dem gleichnamigen Schauspiel von Henning Mankell

Composer: Arnecke, Jörn
Lyricists: Romeder, Claudia
Playing time: 90:00
Opus/Year: (2004)
Genre: Opera
Premiere performance: 08.04.2006 / Hamburg / D / Opera stabile / Ingrid Frøseth (Sopran), Tamara Gura (Mezzosopran), Christoph Pohl (Bariton), Wilhelm Schwinghammer (Bass) / Mitgl. d, Philharmonischen Staatsorchesters HH / Boris Schäfer (Leitung) / Christoph von Bernuth (Regie)


Filled with fear and horrible memories, Ana und Sara arrive at a European immigrant camp as illegal immigrants. With new hopes, they go to a hearing with an inspector who tries to establish the identity of the women and their right to receive asylum. However, neither Ana nor Sara possesses a passport and so they are forced to remain in the camp. After three months, Ana succeeds in fleeing, which begins with humiliation and rape. The two women meet again months later as “illegals” in an unoccupied flat where a certain Jonathan arranges for refugees to live. Jonathan reports of the party surrounding the salt-strewing man, whose speeches against foreigners enjoy increasing popularity. While Sara dreams of marriage to a rich old man, Ana is determined to build a life in Europe out of her own energy. In so doing, she first becomes involved in dealings with stolen cell phones and is finally forced into prostitution by Jamaican crooks. Ana, who is looking for her friend, reveals the man from Jamaica to be an unscrupulous slave-trader. The salt-strewing man, who has suddenly appeared, drastically explains to her that her need and suffering are of no interest to anyone. It becomes clear to her that she can expect nothing from this world.