COLAS BREUGNON. Oper in 3 Akten und einem
Prolog nach dem Roman von Romain Rolland

Composer: Kabalevsky, Dmitri
Lyricists: Bragin, W. (Libretto)
Opus/Year: 24/90 (1936-38/1969 Neufassg.)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 3(Picc),3,3,3(KFag) – 4,3,3,1 – Schl (Pk, Trgl, Tamb, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Xyl), Harfe, Streicher - 2 S, MS, (Kinder-)A, 5 T, 2 Bar, 2 B, stumme Rolle, gem. Chor Bühnenmusik: 2 Vl, 2 Ob, kl.Tr, Tam-t, Hörner, Fanfaren, Gl
Premiere performance: D


At the end of his life, the sculptor Colas Breugnon looks back on his life. As a young man he loves Selina, also adored by Gifflard. While Colas, called by Duke d’Asnois, stays at the latter’s castle, Gifflard speaks badly of him to Selina, who now marries Gifflard out of jealousy. The desperate Colas then marries Jacqueline, who has loved him in vain for a long time. He cannot forget Selina, however.
Brought in by the soldiers of the Duke, the Plague has now broken out in Clamency. Colas is among those who are ill, but he stays alive, while his wife Jacqueline dies. Shortly before her death she confesses to him that she had always known of his love for Selina. Gifflard and the Duke’s troops now plunder and set fire in Clamency. When Colas wishes to file a lawsuit with the Duke against Gifflard, the latter accuses him of turning the citizens against the Duke. Enraged, the Duke has all the sculptures by the master destroyed. Colas is furious but promises the Duke to create a statue of the latter showing him in full armour, as a sign of his penance. When this sculpture is unveiled in front of the castle, the residents of Clamency see the Duke in a majestic pose sitting backwards on a donkey. Their laughter drives the Duke back into his castle.