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Marko Nikodijevic: World Premiere of “exaudi/bruckner abglanz“ in Baden-Baden

With Marko Nikodijevic there appears a new face in the catalogues of Sikorski Music Publishers. This composer, born on 4 January 1980 in Serbia and living in Stuttgart since 2003, has, from that base, won scholarships and attended master courses and composition seminars in Apeldoorn, Visby, Weimar, Amsterdam, Salzwedel and Baden-Baden. His compositions have won prizes and honours at the International Young Composers Meeting in Apeldoorn, the Gaudeamus Music Week in Amsterdam, the 3rd Brandenburg Biennale and the UNESCO Rostrum of Composers.

In 2007 Nikodijevic composed his work entitled "exaudi/bruckner abglanz" that will now be receiving its world premiere on 18 November 2011 at the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden. Under the direction of Pavel Baleff, the Baden-Baden Philharmonic will present this motet for mezzo soprano, child's voice and orchestra.

The composer comments on his vocal work as follows:

"This is a piece of juvenilia from the year 2000, to which I still feel very close after many years. In 2007 I revised several errors in the orchestration and voice-leading. The piece was composed as an orchestral study during my period of studying composition in Belgrade when the regime in Serbia imploded. The flamboyant Espressivo should be understood as an externalisation of my own personal situation at that time. In was composed during the days of a psychic crisis. That is why the overpowering Espressivo is in no way to be understood as a sign of the political upheaval in the autumn of 2000 in Serbia, but as a externalisation of my own voice in my search for my own language. Nonetheless, the piece already contains numerous elements that correspond to my later music."

During the coming months, more works of the young composer will be heard in German and international concert halls.

18 November 2011
Kurhaus, 8 PM (Introduction: Weinbrennersaal, 7:30 PM)
World premiere: Marko Nikodijevic
„exaudi/bruckner abglanz“. Motet for mezzo-soprano, child’s voice and orchestra
Philharmonie Baden-Baden
Pavel Baleff (direction)


Copyright of the photo: Philharmonie Baden-Baden


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