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The Outsider. Flexible melodrama for female voice
and ensemble

Composer: Eggert, Moritz
Lyricists: Eggert, Moritz / Lovecraft, Howard Philips (1890-1937)
Playing time: 30:00
Opus/Year: (1998/2000)
Genre: Stage work
Instrumentation: Sngerin, Flte (Picc), Oboe, Klarinette (B und Es), Tenor-/Bassposaune (Gummischlauch), Schlagzeug (1 Spieler, Aufbau I: Kleines Tam-Tam, Sehr groes Tam.Tam, Vibraphon, Triangel, Marimba, Aufbau II: Donnerblech, Basspauke, sehr groer Gong/Tam-Tam-ideell mit Tonhhe B, Glockenspiel, Groe Trommel, Cabaza, Tambourin-am Gong hngend), E-Gitarre (Bottleneck, Bogen, Xyloschlgel, diverse Effektgerte), Akkordeon (Groes Konzertakkordeon mit Akkordtasten), Violine, Viola, Violoncello, Kotrabass (5-saitig, tiefste Saite auf H2, Paukenschlgel, Plastiklineal, Drumsticks)
Premiere performance: 07.02.2000 / Vockerode / D / Ensemble United Berlin / Eberhard Kloke


The Other, a mysterious, unhappy being, lives in isolated loneliness in a gigantic, run-down castle. To put an end to his tortuous loneliness, the Other hesitantly sets out to discover the world outside the castle. In so doing, he reaches the shocking conclusion that the expansive Palace that he had occupied until now is an underground structure the cemetery.
He discovers a sunny village idyll on the surface of the earth. After a few hesitant steps, he witnesses a strange scene: the people at a rustic celebration flee from a gruesome creature which appears in a gate archway. With fear and also curiosity, the Other carefully approaches the gate archway and recoils from his own terrible mirror image.

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