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BANDITENSTREICHE. Operette in 3 Akten (6 Bilder)

Composer: Suppé, Franz von
Arranger: Urack, Otto
Lyricists: Quedenfeldt, Gustav
Opus/Year: (1939)
Genre: Operetta
Instrumentation: 2(Picc),1,2,2 - 3,2,3,0 - Pk, Schl (Pk, Schellen, Tamb, HolzTr, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Glsp), Harfe, Streicher (1/1/1/1/1) Bühnenmusik: Fag, Horn, Pos, Akk, Klav, 2 Vl, Vc, Kb


In the vast and spacious Vienna State Chancellery, the visitors always ask the porter Hofer for help finding the correct office. His daughter Pauline, whose beautiful singing flows forth from the porter’s flat all day long, is desired by the officials. The high-spirited Alexander, who believes that he has an unexpected inheritance, meets with his uncle, Privy Councillor von Knurr, concerning the opening of the last will and testament. It turns out, however, that there is nothing more than a hundred guilder note in the envelope. He meets Pauline in the corridor, and is immediately enthusiastic over her singing. In response to the question of where she had her voice trained to excellently, Xandl finds out that Pauline cannot afford a teacher at all – the required 100 guilders are too much for her. Xandl immediately hands over the envelope to her and wishes her a good day …
The protagonists and the sympathetically typified subsidiary characters, during the course of the lightweight plot richly endowed with predictably unexpected turning-points and intrigues, overcome all obstacles, finally, as happy couples, arriving at the inevitable happy ending.