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Composer: Burkhard, Paul
Subtitle: Revue-Operette
Lyricists: Rogati, Eduard
Genre: Operetta
Instrumentation: 2(Picc),1,2,1 - 4,3,2,0 - Schl (Pk, Trgl, Tamb, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Glsp, Xyl, Vibr, Stahlrute), Banjo (ad lib.), Harfe, Klav/Cel, Streicher Kleinstmgliche Besetzung: 1,1,2,1 - 2,2,1,0 - Schl, Harfe, Klav/Cel, Streicher


The surprising news of the unexpected engagement of John Parker, the travelling researcher and notorious ladys man, with Viola, who already has an unhappy marriage behind her, goes off like a bomb in fine Chicago society! Although Pamela warns her daughter not to marry a second time, the lovers cannot be brought to change their minds. At the stylish wedding party, Peggy, Violas intimate girlfriend, and Columbus, Johns friend and travel companion, become acquainted and start flirting intensely. The wedding couple decide to discretely leave the wild party so as to finally head towards the goal of their honeymoon, the paradise-like island of Coraya. However, through an unbelievable coincidence, Viola finds out embarrassing details about Johns earlier life at the last minute; her trust in the newly-married husband is irrevocably destroyed.
Viola has set up a womens republic on Coraya, actually the goal of her honeymoon, and gathered around her a group of women of like frame of mind. A ship headed for Coraya appears on the horizon; its crew is made up of abandoned husbands who want to win back their dissatisfied and unreasonable wives. As a representative of the American government, John Parker is also boldly travelling, alone, to the remote Pacific island in order to confirm the islands independence. During the course of the plot, rich in old, tried-and-true gags, John succeeds in convincing Viola of his unbroken love for her and all the other couples leave for the safe harbour after having spoken their hearts.


Ja, da kann man leider gar nichts machen
Du bist gekommen
Auf einer Insel wir zwei ganz allein
Nimm mich mit in deine Herzenskammer
Das Paradies der Frauen
Ich mcht' einen Mann
Ja es liegt in der Luft
Mein Herz hat Sehnsucht
Irgendetwas mu geschehen
Traum aller Trume
In Aff-rika, als ich den groen Lwen sah
Zum Geburtstag

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