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DER MUSIKANT VON WIEN. Operette in drei Akten

Composer: Rixner, Josef
Subtitle: Der liebe Augustin (alter Tit.)
Lyricists: Hardt-Warden, Bruno
Kller, Rudolf
Opus/Year: (1941)
Genre: Operetta
Instrumentation: 2(Picc),2,2,2 - 4,3,3,0 - Pk, Schl (Pk, Peitsche, gr.Tr, Bk, Gl), Harfe, Cel, Org (auf der Bhne), Streicher (1/1/1/1/1)


In Vienna after the second Turkish siege, the beautiful Lore mourns her Heinrich, who went as a soldier to fight the Osmans and has been missing ever since. Meanwhile, the coffee-boiler Kolschitzky, master baker Wendler and town clerk Risibisius are all competing for Lores hand. Urged by her father, she promises to decide on one of the admirers by the time the vesper bells ring, but the only one who awakens her sympathy is the poor Augustine, a street poet, who plays the violin at dances. They all gather under the tree in front of Kolschitzkys coffee house The Blue Bottle to find which one Lore has decided on. Just when the girl wants to open the note in which she has written the name of the lucky one, horns proclaim approaching soldiers, among them Heinrich, long thought to be dead. Overjoyed by this unexpected turn of events, the bell-founder Traunwieser, Lores father, invites everyone to a festival in honour of the happily returned Heinrich. They are all on the way to the bell-founders house and Lore regretfully bids Augustine farewell with the words fate wanted it otherwise Remaining alone, the vagabond discovers Lores letter on the ground, which he opens after some hesitation. First affected, then overjoyed, he reads his own name Augustine and decides to fight for Lores love


Ouvertre (1)
Auftrittslied (2)
Heute ist ein Tag (3)
Da kommt der liebe Augustin/D. Vagabund v. Wien(4)
Sei doch ein bisserl lieb zu mir (5)
Weinlese-Ballett (6)
Du bist mir das Liebste auf Erden (8)
Wenn zwei Hochzeit machen (9)
Ich hab' dich lieb (10)
Spr' ich erst den Straenstaub (11)
Kinder, zum Nussberger Wein (12)
Kinderl, mach die Guckerl zu (13)
Willkommen, liebe Gste (14)
Madonna, hr' mein Lied (15)
Einleitungschor zum 3. Akt (16)
Du liegst mir immer im Sinn (17)
Ja nur ein Postillion (Postillion-Marsch) (18)
Meine liebe Fiedel du (19)
Ich bau mir ein Huschen (20)
Ballett-Musik (7)

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