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EINE NACHT IN VENEDIG. Operette in 3 Akten von F.
Zell und R. Geneé

Composer: Strauß, Johann
Arranger: Tutein, Karl
Lyricists: Quedenfeldt, Gustav
Playing time: 90:00
Genre: Operetta
Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 - 4,2,3,0 - Pk, 2 Schl (Trgl, Tamb, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Gl, Glsp, Xyl), Harfe, Streicher


In order to finally become acquainted with the beautiful wife of the Senator Bartolomeo Delaqua, Barbara, Duke Guido has invited all the Venetian Senators and their wives to a party. Delaqua knows that the Count has an eye on his wife, and plans to take along the cook in her place to the Duke’s party. Guido hears about this and assigns his valet Caramello, to find Barbara Delaqua and bring her to him. Barbara has, as so often, exchanged clothing with the fisher-girl Annina in order to meet her lover. When Caramello now bribes the gondolier (who is supposed to bring Barbara out of the city on order of the Senator), takes his gondola and fetches the Duke’s admired woman, it turns out that his passenger is Annina – to whom he has already promised marriage a half-dozen times. Caramello introduces the furious Annina to the Duke as Barbara Delaqua. Meanwhile the Senator has found the accordingly spruced-up cook Ciboletta in the Duke’s palace. At the gala reception and during the nocturnal masked festivities on St. Mark’s Square, there are a number of mistaken identities and comic incidents. When the Duke finally meets the real Barbara – who comes with her dressed-up lover and can only calm down her furious husband with difficulty – the Duke has long since discovered his feelings for Annina.
So that he and the lead actors can have a happy ending, he arrives at two decisions: firstly, the warmhearted Ciboletta’s bridegroom, macaroni cook Pappacoda, is named official Ducal cook, and secondly, the valet Caramello is named administrator at the Ducal Court and can marry Annina. The last-named fact is the most important thing, so that the charming Annina will be very close by.


*******I. AKT**********
Einleitung I: Wenn vom Lido sacht...(1)
Auftrittslied der Annina: Frutti di mare (2)
Duett Cibotella/Pappacoda: Heiraten, ja...(3)
Terzett der Senatoren: Ein Senator...(4)
Auftritt des Caramello: Willkommen, alter...(5)
Duett Caramello/Annina: Du fliegst nicht...(6)
Quartett Car./An./Cib./Pap: Alle maskiert...(7)
Auftrittslied des Herzogs: Venetia, du...(8)
Finale I: Hier ward es still (9)
**********II. AKT************
Einleitung und Melodram (10)
Duett Herzog/ Annina: So sind wir endlich...(11)
Auftritt der Senatorenfrauen: Nur ungeniert...(12)
Auftrittslied der Barbara: O, wie das...(13)
Duett Barbara/Herzog: Barbara, Barbara...(14)
Finale II: Lasset die anderen...(15)
**********III. AKT***********
Einleitung III: Carneval ruft euch...(16)
Lagunenwalzer: Caramello: Ach, ei so...(17)
Duett Cibol./Pap.: Nun sind wir beide...(18)
Spottlied: Ann. u. Senat. Fr.: Ein Herzog...(19)
Gondellied des Caramello: Komm in die...(20)
Finale III, a) Huldigung, b)Gesangswalzer der Bar.
c)Tanz der Gondolieri mit Colombine,d) Melodram(21