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EXTRABLÄTTER. Operette in 3 Akten

Composer: Dostal, Nico
Lyricists: Quedenfeldt, Gustav
Opus/Year: (1937)
Genre: Operetta
Instrumentation: 2(Picc),1,3(BKlar),1 - 2,2,3,0 - Schl (Pk, Trgl, Holzbl, Tomt, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Gl, Xyl, Vibr), Harfe, Cel/Klav, Streicher Bühnenmusik (hinter der Szene): Vl I, Vl obl., Vc, Kb, Klav Kleinstmögliche Besetzung: 1,1,2,1 - 2,2,1,0 - Schl, Klav, Streicher


William Gibson, owner of an American newspaper concern, is in trouble: the “Amsterdam Courier” always prints sensational society news one day before his own “Amsterdam Evening News.” The news that the famous singer Carla Gonda, who is giving a guest performance in Amsterdam with Vienna Ballet, is secretly married to a well-known personality of Amsterdam’s high society – an incorrect piece of news, as is later revealed – is once again found in the competing newspaper first. Eduard Bemmelmann is in love with Gibson’s daughter Bessie, but Gibson is opposed to this relationship. On the condition that Eduard finds out with whom Carla Gonda is married, it is nonetheless possible that he will eventually approve of the engagement. Eduard then engages the chatty private detective Donderkiel, who is to take care of this task for him. At the ball given by Colonial Attaché Harry van Geldern, there is an encounter between Carla Gonda and the host, one of Amsterdam’s most eligible bachelors. Carla is pursued by the insistent Donderkiel, who bothers her with inappropriate questions. She asks Harry, whom she does not yet know, for help. To get rid of Donderkiel, he thinks he is married to Carla. The news – already printed in the extras - is broken just a little later during the festive mood of the ball. The sensation is perfect; Gibson makes his promise and agrees to the engagement of Bessie and Eduard. Harry and Carla meanwhile fall in love and get engaged in secret. Before the two finally come together, however, a whole series of comic involvements must be overcome; these lead the lovers to the south sea island of Wow-Wow in the third act. After a dramatic climax under swaying palm trees, there is nothing more to prevent a happy ending.


Zwischenspiel 1. Akt (1)
Zwischenspiel 2. Akt (2)
Zufall, sei du mein Geselle (3)
Man muß sich mal küssen (4)
Liest du aus schönen Frauenhänden (5)
Draußen vorm Tore (Alt-Wiener-Lied) (6)
Extrablätter, Extrablätter,ein ganz eigner Ton (7)
Ja, laßst uns hoch die Frauen preisen (8)
Ein Tag ohne dich (9)
Mit dir auf Reisen zu gehn (10)
Ich hab' mein Herz verschenkt (11)
Ihr seid von heute an zwei Kameraden (12)
Ja in Paris und London (13)
So geht dahin den Schienenstrang (14)
Weisser Flieder (15)
Wie tanzen dort die Paare (16)