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DAS KALTE HERZ. Oper nach Wilhelm Hauff

Composer: Schultze, Norbert
Neuinstrumentierung vom Komponisten
Lyricists: Walter, Kurt E.
Opus/Year: (1943 / 1960 / 1984)
Genre: Children's opera
Instrumentation: 3(Picc),2(EnglHorn),2(BKlar),2 4,3,3,0 Pk, Schl (Trgl, Holzbl, Tempelbl, Tomt, Tamb, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Glsp, Xyl), Harfe, Streicher (10/8/6/4/3)


The poor charcoal burner Peter Munk gives his mother the last ducats that he owns in order to pay for some of the rent she owes. But since he cannot go dancing with his beloved Lisbeth without money, she goes with another young man.
Peter falls asleep next to the giant pine tree and dreams that the treasure-house keeper living under the tree will fulfil two wishes: that Peter will become an even better dancer than the dance-floor king, and that his pockets will be as full as those of the rich Ezekiel. When he loses all his money playing against the latter, however, Peters pockets are also empty. Then the Hollndermichel appears to him, who promises him considerable wealth if he will exchange his heart for a stone. Peter agrees to this and now becomes the richest timber merchant in the region. He ruthlessly has all the trees felled all except the mighty giant pine. Whoever fells this tree must, according to an old saga, die upon the third blow of the axe. He dreads this because he does not want to die without a heart. However, he is ready to fell the tree when the Hollndermichel considers returning his heart for it. But instead of dying after the third blow of the axe, Peter awakens from his nightmare.
Lisbeth, returning from the dance with the other young man, gives Peter a stone in the form of a heart, which he sells to the greedy Ezekiel for 19 ducats, just enough to pay his mothers debts. Peter recognises that he could never be happy with a cold heart, but that his living, feeling heart is his most precious possession.


Das unruhige Herz (1. Aufzug)
Das verzauberte Herz (2. Aufzug)
Das kalte Herz (3. Aufzug)

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