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HEISS. Opera for children and adults

Composer: Lange, Marius Felix
Lyricists: Heidenreich, Elke
Playing time: 50:00
Opus/Year: (2004)
Genre: Children's opera
Instrumentation: 8 Sgst, Orch. (24 St)
Premiere performance: 26.04.2005 / Cologne / D / Yakult-Halle, Oper Kln / Grzenich-Orchester Kln / Jens Bingert


People think its hot at the South Pole! But it isnt, as Uncle Otto explains. The hearts of the penguin are warm, however they warm to opera, above all. So it is no wonder that they all anxiously await the opera ship from Cologne (the origin can vary with the place of performance) that comes to the opera fans at the South Pole once a year.
After thinking it over a long time and arguing, the artists finally agree to perform La Traviata. The young Alfredo falls in love with the beautiful Violetta and they are very happy together. Alfredo does not know, however, that Violetta is terminally ill. And then there is Alfredos father, who does not like Violetta and wants to separate to lovers. He visits Violetta, and in compliance with his wish she leaves Alfredo without declaring to him how much she still loves him. Only when she lies dying does he find out the truth and there is a sad ending. At the performance of the opera the penguins openly express their feelings and make sure that the opera ends differently than planned

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