THE MAPLE BROTHERS. Children's opera in two acts
Libretto by the composer after Evgeni Schwarz

Composer: Meyer, Krzysztof
Lyricists: Homma, Martina
Playing time: 90:00
Opus/Year: 72 (1988-1989)
Genre: Children's opera
Instrumentation: 3(Picc),2,3(Es-Klar,BKlar),3(KFag) – 3,3,3,1 – 4 Schl (3 Pk, Trgl, Guiro, Bk, Tamb, 4 Tomt, 2 Bongos, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Tam-t, RöhrenGl, Glsp, Xyl, Vibr, Marimba), Harfe, Cel, Streicher
Premiere performance: D


The widow Margarete Indefatigable lives with her three adolescent sons on the edge of a large forest. After two of them have become knights and disappeared without trace, Margarete desperately begins looking for them but leaves her youngest son Hans alone in the house. In the forest she encounters the notorious witch Baba-Yaga, who has cast a spell on her sons. Whispering, two beautiful maple trees reveal to the mother that they are the enchanted brothers. To win them back, Margarete must fulfil a number of difficult tasks for the witch. In so doing, she is capably assisted by the Cat, Dog and Bear. When her youngest son joins her, there is nothing to prevent her victory over evil. The witch gets entangled in the task of constructing a lock for her chicken-leg house that cannot be opened. She herself is locked in and must disclose the secret of how to break the spell. With the help of the water of life, the brothers are transformed back into men, while the enraged witch remains locked up in her hut.

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