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Sofia Gubaidulina Is Celebrating Her Birthday

Hochgeladene Datei

The Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina is celebrating her 80th birthday at the 24 October 2011. Friends, interpreters and colleagues congratulate her from all over the world. Her very own musical language, as Marcus Stäbler writes in today's edition of the Hamburger Abendblatt, is the reason why Sofia Gubaidulina holds the rank of the world's greatest living woman composer. Stäbler continues: "Sofia Gubaidulina reacts modestly, reservedly and defensively to all the hype surrounding her person. She refuses appointments from music academies as professor of composition because she wants to remain independent. Because she, it is said, needs every minute for writing... 'I love this time where there is no person or obligation around me. The happiest moments for me are when I can simply work."

Alongside contributions of the newspapers Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Zeit online on the birthday on 24 October, a recently recorded interview with Sofia Gubaidulina by Burkhard Schäfer has appeared in the Südwest Presse of 24.10. In it, the composer says, among other things:

"We are faced today with a completely different world that is unfortunately not necessarily a better one. People are becoming one-dimensional, since we are losing religion. This lost spirituality is dangerous for art. For the second dimension is the core of human life. Everything today is running according to nothing but the principle of cause and effect: earnings and eating, eating and earnings."


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