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KALKWERK-FRIKASSEE nach dem Roman 'Das Kalkwerk'
von Thomas Bernhard

Composer: Schneider, Stephan Marc
Lyricists: Schneider, Stephan Marc / Bernhard / Novalis
Original work: Das Kalkwerk, 2 Szenen
Playing time: 20:00
Opus/Year: (2001 )
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 4 Sgst (2Spr.), Ens. (15 St)


The Konrads sits together on Christmas Eve and he complains of his inability to write down the great study on which he has worked for years. He blames the hopeless situation in the limestone quarry, in which he has retreated with his wife in order to complete the work. Konrdin, bound to a special chair due to her handicap, considers the so-called study a pipe dream. Konrad gets a rifle and shoots his wife dead. With Konrdins lifeless body in his arm, he wanders around the room, whispering in her ear and is finally engrossed in the reading of his Kropotkin. Hller and the insurance agent exchange the most varying rumours about the bloody deed and discuss details concerning the time of the crime, the weapon and possible motives. Of one thing they are both certain: he had to kill her. In a flashback, Konrdin rapturously recites from Novalis Heinrich von Ofterdingen, while her husband walks back and forth in the room, going through the chapters and sections of the study, talking to himself crazily. Imperiously, Konrdin asks for fresh juice. As if taking revenge, Konrad tortures his wife with a linguistic experiment which is part of his work. Konrdin loses her patience over the gruelling monotony of the constantly repeated sentences. Konrad finally gives in and reads a beautiful, idyllic section from her beloved Ofterdingen aloud to her.