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Celan. Opera in 5 sketches

Composer: Ruzicka, Peter
Lyricists: Mussbach, Peter
Opus/Year: (2000)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 2(Picc,AFl),2(EnglHorn),2(BKlar),2(KFag) 3,3,3,1(KbTuba) 5 Schl (I: 6 Pk, Trgl, 5 Bongos, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Tam-t (mittelgr. und sehr gr.) II: Trgl, Holzbl, Claves, 5 Tomt, RhrTr, kl.Tr, hg.Bk, Cymbales antiques, Gl, Marimba III: 5 Tomt, gr.Tr, 2 hg.Bk, Tam-t (mittelgr. und sehr gr.), Windmaschine, Glsp, Gl, javanischer Buckergong IV: hg.Bk, gr.Tr, Vibr, Gl, Cymbles antiques V: Kette auf Metallblech, kl.Tr, Holzbl, gr.Tr, Hammer, Cymbales antiques, Tam-t (mittelgr. und sehr gr.), Gl, Wassergong, Xyl), Harfe, Cel/Klav/E-Org, Streicher (10/8/6/6/4[Fnfsaiter]) CD-Zuspielungen in Entwurf Nr. 4
Premiere performance: 25.03.2001 / D
First perfomance(s): 24.09.2009 / Bucharest / RO


The Jewish poet Paul Celan, born in Czernowitz, Bukovina, survives persecution of the Jews, life in the ghetto and concentration camp, finally emigrating via Bucharest and Vienna to Paris, where he settles in 1948. Driven by his feeling of guilt at having escaped, he searches in poetry for a language for the unspeakable. But his language is also the language of the murderers and thus his fear of Germany remains; after the war, through accusations of plagiarism and other reservations, this countrys literary intelligentsia make it impossible for Celan to be reconciled with the land of his mother tongue. The opera does not tell the story of Celans life. Image and figure constellations from his biography repeat themselves, becoming areas of memory which continually experience a new exposure. They reflect the traumatic experiences that pursue Celan up until the time of his suicide. The seven sketches resemble an attempt at arranging internal states of mind and processes of perception, spiralling towards the present day and todays way of coming to terms with history.

In printed editions:

Ruzicka, Peter
  • Celan
    Music theatre in 7 sketches
    Instrumentation/voices: Orch
    Edition no.: SIK1976
    Edition: Piano Score or Piano Reduction including solo part
    Price: € 81,50 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Celan
    Music theatre in 7 sketches. Libretto
    Edition no.: SIK3/5607
    Edition: Libretto
    Price: € 4,50 incl. VAT plus delivery