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KRIEG UND FRIEDEN. Oper in 13 Bildern nach dem
gleichnamigen Roman von Leo Tolstoi

Composer: Prokofiev, Sergei
Lyricists: Herz, Joachim
Leipold, Hans-Jrg
Seipt, Kurt
Soydeisann, Helmut
Stomper, Stephan
Opus/Year: 91 (1941-1952)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 4 S, 6 MS, 4 A, 19 T, 11 Bar, 15 B, 3 stumme Rollen, 2 Sprechrollen 3(Picc),3(EnglHorn),3(BKlar),3(KFag) 4,3,3,1 Pk, 4-5 Schl (Trgl, Tamb, Holzbl, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Glsp, Xyl), Harfe, Streicher


Prince Andrei Bolkonski, a guest of the family of Count Rostow is alone and lost in his thoughts. Disappointed by life, he has doubts about the meaning of existence. But when he observes Rostovs daughter Natasha with her cousin Sonya, he is enchanted by Natashas grace and regains hope. During the next winter they meet at a ball and fall in love. The old Prince Bolkonski, however, does not approve of his sons relationship with Natasha and therefore has Andrei sent abroad for a long period of time. When Count Rostov and Natasha wish to visit the old prince, he does not receive them. Hlne Besukhova holds a soire and introduces Natasha to her brother Anatol Kuragin, who is totally enraptured by the young woman. She is tired of waiting for Andrei and very angry over the behaviour of the old prince. So she allows herself to be swept away by Kuragins declaration of love. Kuragin is already married but plans to abduct Natasha. The plan is given away by the Sonya, however, and can be thwarted. Pierre Besukhov informs Natasha that Kuragin is already married and does not intend to marry her. In her desperation and shame, she attempts suicide. Count Besukhov has it out with his brother-in-law Anatol and forces him to hand over Natashas Letters and leave the city. Shortly thereafter comes the news that Napoleon has invaded Russia. Andrei has found out about Natashas episode with Kuragin and decides not to evade an honourable death at the Battle of Borodino. For this reason, he also rejects the calling to the General Staff. While reports of an impending defeat trouble Napoleon deeply, the Russians decide to temporarily hand over Moscow to the enemy for tactical reasons. When the French plunder their way through Moscow, some of the remaining residents try to set fire to the city. The French react to this prevailing chaos by shooting those arsons on the spot. Besukhov is also arrested by mistake but his life is spared. In farmhouse room, Natasha takes care of the seriously wounded Andrei. They are reconciled and dream of a future together. But then he dies in Natashas arms. When the French retreat from Moscow, all the exhausted prisoners of war are shot dead. Shortly thereafter, the remaining prisoners are liberated by partisans and all praise the victory in the hope of peace before too long.


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