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DIE VERLOBUNG IM KLOSTER. Lyrisch-komische Oper in
vier Akten

Composer: Prokofiev, Sergei
Lyricists: Mendelson-Prokofjewa, Mira
Original work: nach dem Roman "Duenna" von R. Scheridan
Playing time: 136:00
Opus/Year: 86 (1940)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 1 S, 1 MS, 2 A, 6 T, 5 Bar, 3 B - SATB-Chor - 3,3,3,3 - 4,3,3,1 - Pk, Schl, Harfe, Streicher
Premiere performance: 1946 / RUS


The rich old fishmonger Mendoza wants not only to conclude a major business deal with Don Jeronimo, but also to marry his pretty daughter Luisa. The father agrees to this. Luisa, however, loves the young, poor Don Antonio, and her brother loves the beautiful Clara. Luisas nurse, Duenna, herself has an eye on the fishmonger and thus thinks out a scheme to foil Don Jeronimos plans. Luisa puts on her nurses clothes and allows herself, as the nurse, to be kicked out of the house by the father. The real Duenna in Luisas clothes asks Mendoza to abduct and marry her. Luisa meets her friend Clara on the way to Don Antonio; Clara has been offended by her friend Ferdinand and wants to join a convent. Antonio and Luisa want to get married, as does Mendoza with the supposed Luisa. Luisa and Mendoza ask Don Jeronimo for his permission to marry, which he gives without grasping the true situation. The wedding is to take place in the convent. Ferdinand meets Clara there and they are reconciled. The happily celebrating monks are prepared to perform the ceremony for the three couples Mendoza and Duenna, Antonio and Luisa, and Ferdinand and Clara. Don Jeronimo recognises the deception too late and must finally make the best of things.

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