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WILLIAM RATCLIFF. Kammeroper nach der gleich-
namigen Tragödie von Heinrich Heine

Composer: Ostendorf, Jens-Peter
Subtitle: Fassung 1987
Lyricists: Ostendorf, Jens-Peter (Libretto)
Playing time: 65:00
Opus/Year: (1987)
Genre: Chamber opera
Instrumentation: 1(Picc,AFl,BFl,RingklappenFl),0,0,0 – 0,0,0,0 – 2 Schl (2 TPk, Bongos, Tomt, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, NietenBk, Tam-t, Gl, Glsp, Vibr, Marimba), Klav/Synthesizer – Tonbänder, 2 Filme, 1 Video für TV auf der Bühne
Premiere performance: 23.05.1987 / D


William Ratcliff stands alone at the centre of the stage plot. With the help of Margarete, he has moved into the cellar of the castle of MacGregor, Marie’s father. He spies on Marie’s life with installed microphones. Self- destructively, he buries himself ever more deeply into the past with the tapes and film rolls, finally staging his suicide with insane precision. Over loudspeakers he coerces Marie to become the acoustic witness of his end. Marie collapses, dead – like her mother many years before.