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QUESTI FANTASMI. Musiktheater nach der Komödie von
Eduardo De Filippo

Composer: Ostendorf, Jens-Peter
Lyricists: Ostendorf, Jens-Peter (Libretto)
Opus/Year: (1991)
Genre: Stage work
Instrumentation: 1(Picc,AFl),0,SSax,ASax,BarSax,KFag - 0,1,TBPos,0 - Pk (6), 4 Schl (I: Trgl, Claves, Trillerpfeife, LotusFl, 2 Balghupen, Ratsche, RührTr, BSaitenTr, gr.Tr, Hi-hat, 2 Buckelgongs, 3 Tam-t, Marimba - II: 2 Trgl, Crot, LotusFl, 2 Balghupen, Ratsche, Tempelbl, ParadeTr, gr.Tr, TSaitenTr, NietenBk, 2 Buckelgongs, Gliss-Gong, Xyl, Oktobins - III: 2 Trgl, Trillerpfeife, 2 E-Klingeln, 2 E-Autohupen, LotusFl, Ratsche, 3 Tomt, KuhGl, MilitärTr, Waldteufel, 2 Buckelgongs, Gliss-Gong, Tam-t, BronceGl, Vibr - IV: Trillerpfeife, 2 E-Klingeln, 2 E-Autohupen, LotusFl, Ratsche, 3 Bongos, kl.Tr, Waldteufel, 4 Bk, 2 Buckelgongs, 3 Sartenes, Glsp, Bumbass), 2 Klav, 2 Synthesizer, Streichquartett, Solo-Kb, Streicher (7/7/5/5/3)
Premiere performance: 05.12.1992 / D


A Spanish nobleman once had a palace built for his beloved. But when he found with another man in flagranti, he had the couple built into the wall alive – and there have been ghosts in the house ever since. The present owner transfers the building, considered impossible to rent out, to the swindler Pasquale for five years free of charge. The latter is obliged to carry out a series of ghost-fighting measures: rug-beating and daily singing on the balcony – the acoustic proofs of a vital occupation. Pasquale and his wife Maria open a little hotel in the palace. Pasquale encounters Maria’s lover Alfredo, whom he thinks is a ghost. He now regularly finds money in his house jacket, which he interprets as a sign of a friendly ghost. After all kinds of mysterious-absurd events, the hotel is just about broke. At the last meeting with Alfredo, whom he still thinks is a generous ghost, he asks his wife’s lover for a larger sum because he is unsure of the financial basis of his and Maria’s love. Moved by this, Alfredo again gives money to the cuckold and disappears.