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MURIETA. Musiktheater nach dem Schauspiel "Glanz
und Tod des Joaquin Murieta" von Pablo Neruda

Composer: Ostendorf, Jens-Peter
Arranger: Jnemann, Gerhard
Lyricists: Mckel, Klaus
Opus/Year: (1982)
Genre: Stage work
Instrumentation: 4(PanFl,lateinamerikanische SchnabelFl,2Picc),2(EnglHorn),2(BKlar),2(KFag) - 4,3,3,1 - 5 Schl (Pk, Trgl, Pistolenschsse, Crot, Claves, Peitsche, Holzbl, 2 Flex, 2 Autohupen, 2 Bremstrommeln, Tomt, Bongos, RhrTr, kl.Tr, Drums, gr.Tr [mit Ped.], Brummtopf, 4 Bk, Hi-hat, NietenBk, 4 Tam-t, RhrenGl, PlattenGl, BronceGl, Glsp, Vibr, Marimba, Tubus-Campanophon, schweres Eisenrohr, schwere Eisenkette), Harfe, Cel/Klav, Keyboard (Fender, Synthesizer, E-Org), E-Git, E-Bass, E-Vl, Streicher, Tonband - Bhnenmusik: 3,0,2,0 - 2,1,1,1 - Schl
Premiere performance: 25.10.1984 / D


Encouraged by North American advertisers, Joaqun Murieta and many fellow country men immigrated to California in about 1850 from their Chilean homeland to look for gold. Coexistence between the American prospectors and the immigrants from the south is marked by competition and racism. Members of the Ku-Klux-Klan terrorise the Chileans, and when Murietas wife is raped and killed, Murieta takes on the leadership of a robber band. The men distributes their spoils to the poor and stand up for the exploited. One day, Murieta is found by a Texan group of thugs and killed. The corpse is beheaded and Murietas head is displayed at fairs. The gruesome fair attraction is gradually transformed, however, into a kind of reliquary and symbol of freedom for oppressed Chileans, who finally bury the head in Teresas grave.

In printed editions:

Ostendorf, Jens-Peter
  • Murieta
    Edition no.: SIK3/5614
    Edition: Libretto
    Price: € 3,50 incl. VAT plus delivery