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Composer: Olias, Lotar
Lyricists: Kampendonk, Gustav
Opus/Year: (1962/1984)
Genre: Musical
Instrumentation: 1,0,0,ASax,2TSax,BarSax,0 - 0,4,3,0 - 3 Schl (u.a. Pk, Xyl, Vibr), Git, Klav, Org, Akk


Jimmy Jones, the famous pop singer, is to appear in Las Vegas for a huge fee. During a break while recording a television spot, he finds out about that his colleague Evelyne is travelling by ship the next day to perform in Hamburg. The memory of Hamburg awakens feelings of homesickness in Jimmy, who had once come to America as the ship boy Hein from Hamburg. He had gambled away his parents money and not dared face his parents again. Then he meets his old friend Bob, the second officer on the New Orleans and Jimmy spontaneously decides to dispense with the date in Las Vegas. When the New Orleans sets out to sea the next morning, not only is Evelyne on board, but also Jimmy, who now calls himself Hein again, as well as both his managers looking for him. The pop star, disguised as a sailor, gets to known the Hamburg restaurant owners daughter Rosy on board; her idol is Jimmy Jones and they fall in love. Jimmy is greeted warmly by his parents in Hamburg, who have long since forgiven him, and his engagement to Rosy is announced shortly thereafter. Thanks to his mothers energetic help, he also succeeds in getting rid of both managers without any losses. Now he can go to sea as Hein Steinemann with good prospects of a helmsmans or even a captains commission.


Die alte Bank
Es ist zu schn um wahr zu sein
Heimweh nach St. Pauli
Wau Wau
Diesen Tango tanz ich nur mit die
Keine Frau ist so schn wie die Freiheit
Mach doch nicht so eiferscht'ge Augen
Solange noch die Elbe
Auch Matrosen
Es leuchtet ein Stern
Frech mut du sein
Ein Tag in Paris
Wenn ein Zigeuner weint
Adieu, good bye, auf Wiedersehen
Das gibts nur auf der Reeperbahn
Was will das Meer von mir
Tell, sailor, tell me a story
Junge, komm bald wieder
Seemann, oh Seemann
Snicksnack Snuckelchen
Fischmarkt von St. Pauli
Du bist die Liebe
In Hamburg an der Waterkant
Crazy Evelyn
Wo ist der Mann
Makkaroni von Pamps
Hallo hallo, hier New York (Publicity)

In printed editions:

Olias, Lotar