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MARIANA. Oper in 2 Akten und einem Vorspiel von
Giovanni Rossi

Composer: Nicolai, Otto
Arranger: Loy, Max
Hanke, Willi
Lyricists: Hanke, Willi / Loy, Max (dt.)
Original work: Il proscritto
Opus/Year: (1841/1943)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 2 S, 3 T, Bar, B - gem. Chor 2 (Picc),2 (EnglHorn),2,2 4,2,3,1 Pk, Schl, Streicher Bhnenmusik: 2 Trpt, 2 Hrner
Premiere performance: 13.03.1841 / D


The Bionda and Giacomo families live in bitter animosity. As Red Falcons and White Falcons, they fight over power in the country. The prelude shows how Marco Bionda, the leader of the White Falcons is devastatingly beaten and must flee in exile with his men. Marco leaves his young wife Mariana behind who, because of a terrible storm, must assume that her husband has drowned in the stormy sea whilst fleeing. Twelve years later she marries Claudio, the leader of the Red Falcons. Although Mariana loves Claudio above all, she is plagued by gloomy premonitions, for she still feels bound to her first husband. Marianas fears prove justified: Marco, long thought to be dead, indeed returns during the wedding celebrations. Mariana initially hides him in her rooms, but he wants to confront his enemies. A confrontation between Marco and Claudio takes place in Marianas presence. Both men accuse Mariana of being unfaithful. Her request that Marco be granted mercy is at first granted by Claudio, but his jealous rival provokes a duel. Mariana is a fearful witness to how the men attack each other with their weapons and decides, in her desperation, to take poison. She implores the men to end the fight and, whilst dying, she lays the hands of her two husbands in each other. All praise Mariana, who has brought about lasting peace with her sacrifice.

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