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A SUNDAY'S CHILD. Comic Operetta in 7 scenes
Hans Reimann

Composer: Gutheim, Karlheinz
Lyricists: Reimann, Hans (Libr.)
Opus/Year: (ca.1936)
Genre: Operetta
Instrumentation: 1,0,3(3 Sax),0 - 0,2,1,0 - Schl (Pk, Trgl, Schellen, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Gl, Gong, Glsp, Vibr), Banjo (Git ad lib.), Klav, Streicher


There is a serious quarrel going on at the Stock Grammophone Needle Factory: through an error made by the young confidential clerk Petermann, a major commission from India is in danger. While Petermann, in a good mood, tries to save the deal at the Indian Embassy, the company boss Stock receives an express letter which puts the choleric manufacturer in a rage: a letter full of impudence and insults signed Petermann. Stock announces that the confidential clerk is fired on the spot. The secretary Rose Hansen, who more than likes Petermann, senses that this scandalous letter cannot be from Martin Petermann, who is always in a sunny mood and liked by everyone. Rose spontaneously decides to get to the bottom of this. When the clueless confidential clerk returns with the good news from the Indian Consulate that the Indian commission has been saved, Rose awaits him with the surprising news that the boss has given him a vacation in the high-class spa Grnhbel. While Petermann enjoys his surprise vacation in the best behaviour, Rose gets together with Felicitas, the attractive, somewhat anglophile bosss daughter, and with Eduard Fallbaum, handyman at Stock, to try to solve the mystery of the letter. But in their investigations, Rose has to accept the sobering news given her by Baron Plumbo, the graphologist: the letter was without doubt written and signed by Petermann! After overcoming all misunderstandings and beginning diverse couplings, all those involved finally end up in idyllic Grnhbel so as to finally find out who wrote the ominous letter that set off the whole turbulent affair. Only Petermann finds out nothing about any of this; as a true Sundays child, he is simply happy and probably doesnt even know that he is a Sundays child.